AverVison U70+

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13 MP, 60fps, 4K Output Resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0
The AVerVision U70+ USB visualizer features exceptional portability and convenience as well as the ability to run solely off power from the computer. The lag-free 60fps frame rate, 13-megapixel camera sensor, 4K output resolution, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and built-in microphone make it an excellent choice during video chats. Easily integrate U70+ with an interactive flat panel (IFP) via the AVerVision Flash Plug-in, or use A+ Plug-in for PowerPoint to capture high-quality visualizer images, record live video, and audio.

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>Sensor:- 1/3.06″ CMOS
>Pixel count 13 megapixels
>TV lines 1400 (8MP) / 1100 (2MP) / 800 (SXGA/720P/XGA)
>Frame rate True 4K @ 30fps / True HD @ 60fps
>White balance Auto / Manual Exposure Auto / Manual
>USB output 4164×3112, 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480


>Focus Auto/Manual Shooting area Max (Large than A3 420*297)
>4:3 = 530×396 mm (+/- 10mm) @410mm high/ 20.8×15.5 inch
>16:9=545×305 mm (+/- 10mm) @440mm high/ 21.4×12.0 inch
>5:4=498×397 mm (+/- 10mm) @410mm high/19.6×15.6 inch Min
>4:3 = 130×96 mm (+/- 10mm) @100mm high/ 5.1×3.7 inch
>16:9=123×69 mm (+/- 10mm) @100mm high/ 4.8×2.7 inch
>5:4=120×96 mm (+/- 10mm) @100mm high/ 4.7×3.7 inch
>Zooming 16X digital zoom

Button functions

>Snapshot Take a snapshot onto AVer software
>LED Turns on the LED light AF Initiates the autofocus
>Rotate image (via AVer software only)
>Zoom in Digitally zoom in to an image (via AVer software only)
>Zoom out Digitally zoom out of the image (via AVer software only)


>Operating systems Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 10 (32/64 bit), Mac OS X 10.10 or above (Intel-based), Chrome OS 29 or above
> AVer A+ software suite (Sphere 2), Sphere Lite (for Chromebook)
>Interactive whiteboard compatibility Yes with AVerVision Flash plug-in*


>Power source Powered from USB connection
>Consumption 4.0 Watts (lamp on)@USB3.0;
>3.3Watts (lamp off)@USB3.0
>2.5 Watts (lamp on)@USB2.0;
>1.8Watts (lamp off)@USB2.0

Input/output connections

>USB3.0 port (functions as PC connectivity and Power)
>Built-in MIC