Aver Charge C36i+ Device Intelligent Charging Cart

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36 Device Intelligent Charging Cart
Quickly charge laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets with the C36i+ adaptive charging technology!
Adaptive Intelligent Charging
Power additional classroom tools such as a document camera, while managing classroom devices!
Customizable Slot Dividers
Charge laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets of any size with the C36i+ adjustable slot dividers.

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Aver 36i+
Aver 36i+

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Device Capacity

 Slot Size
W = 3.6 cm (1.42″)
D = 38.0 cm (14.96″)
H = 26.0 cm (10.24″)

Support Device
Laptop / Chromebook / tablets up to 15″
Charging Type
Adaptive Intelligent Charging

External Power Outlets

LED Indicator
Main Power LED
Charging Status LEDs (x3 zones)
Sliding Shelves

Divider type
Adjustable with lock-in cable grip

Cart Dimension
H = 107.0 cm (42.1″)
W = 79.0 cm (31.1″)
D = 63.4 cm (25.0″)